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the faq's

Basis Of Agreement

So you've got questions, that's great. Let's see if we can address some of them for you.

Do I need to have any previous training or experience to understand the course?


Absolutely not

Will I finish the course with any qualifications?

While the courses provided by Drama Skills are exemplary, they are not registered with a governing body. The courses are designed so that anyone of any level will leave the course with a new set of skills to refine what you already know, or provide a foundation to begin your acting journey. Sometimes you leave the course with a newly discovered ability that helps you boss at life.

What happens if I'm booked on The Groundwork course and can't attend one of the weekly sessions due to a last minute change?

Don't worry! We want you to feel as part of your family-of-five for the duration of course so you feel the continuity. It's one of the reasons we record the sessions.

If you can't make one of your scheduled weekly sessions, we will make that session available for your own private viewing (for a limited time only) so that you can catch-up on what you missed and be ready to re-join

How are the courses and private coaching sessions delivered?

We figured that time isn't a luxury everyone has, so we wanted to bring you the courses to you - wherever you are. It's why we made the courses online but still delivered by a real human being live on-screen. 

The courses are carefully tailored with the right content so  that is can be successfully delivered via Zoom. So all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile phone, reliable internet connectivity and a some quiet time just for you.

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