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drama skills

the online toolkit for actors
the toolkit

An actor must be ready to nail anything from improvisation to sight-reading, building a character to script analysis, stage/screen castings to self-tapes – No drama, hit the courses below, sharpen your skills and book those jobs.


Perhaps you’re a dancer who doesn’t feel secure with acting. Perhaps you’re thinking about becoming an actor and haven’t got a clue where to start. Perhaps you haven’t acted in years and need a refresher - whoever you are, this is your space.

the coach

I’m JP. I’ve been in west-end shows, TV dramas & films. I’ve also been a presenter, a voice-over artist and a writer. I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve bought the t-shirt, you’re in safe hands.

The Toolkit
the groundwork

Don’t let inexperience block you. You know where you want to be, let’s get you there.


This is a 360° foundation course with no former knowledge required. We’ll steadily cover vital skills and progressively level you up to face auditions, armed, ready and employable.

Class Size: 5 | Sessions: 8

the hacks

You're busy, it's all about the speedy hustle, I get it. Time is the issue, talent isn't.


This is an intensive version of The Groundwork course. We’ll start at the basics and work through, at pace, to hone your your craft and ready you for professional scrutiny.

Class Size: 5 | Sessions: 4

the clinic

A clinic is a place for breakdowns and breakthroughs.


Book in for a solo session with me and we’ll remove any obstacles between you and your perfect performance. You bring it, we’ll solve it.

Individual Private Coaching

the audition

When your potential and your power align, you’re golden.


Don’t fear the unexpected, prepare for it. Put yourself to the ultimate test and face a mock audition, then you’ll be ready to boss the real thing.

Individual Private Coaching


the motivation


Drama training will enhance your life, no exaggeration. It’s easy to overlook the links between acting and adulting but when you know, you know.

Confidence, respect, perseverance, appreciation, humility, acceptance, interaction, empathy, passion, enunciation, physicality, analysis, interview skills, writing, problem solving – I could fill this page with all the lessons you learn when your drama training begins, but I’m pretty sure you get it.

You are an individual. You decide which course is the best fit for your needs, but in the meantime, check out just some of the examples of how acting coaching helps others.
the model

the background

This is an industry professional with experience in their field but no formal training. However, they’ve always wanted to explore their potential as an actor.

the hurdle

They have no idea where to start.


Approaching a script, improvising, building a character and preparing for an audition is extremely unfamiliar territory that fills them with dread.

the solution

The Groundwork course.

There are eight sessions to steadily work through every aspect of the process. Each step of the journey is clearly mapped out, from the first glance at a script to facing two mock auditions.

Case Studies
case studies
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