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the clinic

A clinic is a place for breakdowns and breakthroughs.


Book in for a solo online session with me and we’ll remove any obstacles between you and your perfect performance. You bring it, we’ll solve it.


These are one-off, private sessions, where your individual needs are the prime focus. Need some coaching for an upcoming audition? Ok. Want to revisit some skills you learned on one of my courses? Ok. Feel like a fish out of water acting through song? Ok. You get the idea, whatever you need, just book in and I’ll make it all ok. See you in The Clinic.

Coaching Location



Live via Zoom

Class Size





On Demand

Session Duration



Course Cost Per Place


( equiv. 25.00 per session )

booking is easy.

Simply hit the button and check out my diary to see when you can schedule a session.

To ensure everyone is given fair opportunity to book in, I will only release my diary 30 days in advance. Meaning you you can nose about for a perfect session time for the next month only.

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