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You're busy, it’s all about the speedy hustle, I get it. Time is the issue, talent isn't.


This is an intensive version of The Groundwork course, also delivered online. We’ll start at the basics and work through, at pace, to hone your your craft and ready you for professional scrutiny.


Just like The Groundwork, every session will begin with a warm-up routine, using specifically selected exercises to improve enunciation, focus & technique. After that, we’ll move onto the heavy lifting by awakening your analytical thought processes, broadening your awareness and strengthening your responses. Each session then concludes with script work to put your new talents to the test using a monologue or a scene. Homework tasks consolidate these skills before we meet next. On session four, you’ll use the script we’ve worked on for a mock audition – I’ll authentically put you through your paces as if you were facing the real thing.


By the end of The Hacks, your understanding will have blossomed and you’ll be ready to attack scripts and build characters in a way that aids your success rather than feeds your panic.

Map the course through below and complete the submission form to apply >

Course Location



Live via Zoom

Class Size






Session Duration



Course Cost Per Place


( equiv. 25.00 per session )

session one

The Hellos.

The Warm-Up:

Breathing, voice, focus & creativity.

The Concepts:

Being in ‘the moment’. Interpretation. Character building. Stage acting.

The Monologue:

Unlocking your first steps.

The Homework:

Create your backstory.

session two

The Hellos.

The Warm-Up:

Breathing, voice, focus & creativity.

The Concepts:

Objectives. Physicality. ‘Actioning’.

The Character:

‘Hot Seating’.

The Homework:

‘Action’ your script.

session three

The Hellos.

The Warm-Up:

Breathing, voice, focus & creativity.

The Concepts:

Character journey. Stamina building. ‘Cold Reading’. Channelling nerves. Audition etiquette.

The Monologue:

Finessing a performance. Performing your ‘actions'.

The Homework:

Mock audition preparations.

session four

The Mock Audition:

Perform scenes. Take direction. Interview.


The Feedback:

How did it go?

the booking process puts you first.
step one
fill in

Use The Hacks Submission Form to log your existing commitments. The information you provide will match you and four other classmates with the perfect course.

step two
book in

I’ll be back in touch with your specific start date and time. Just accept, secure your place and pay your deposit within 48 hours.

step three
check in

You’re now officially aboard, whack the date in your diary and I’ll see you in class!


You’ll also receive an email and text reminder closer to the time. 

Hacks Appliction Form

apply now

The Hacks Submission Form

Use this form to introduce yourself and supply the information needed to match you with the best course start date/time. Please do make sure to be accurate, scheduling will be based around these details.


If you don’t receive an email confirmation, check your junk folder. If it’s not there please send me an email directly.

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